The easiest way to build a high school transcript!
Building a high school transcript can be a daunting task. It doesn't have to be.
Teascript enables you to create a professional transcript in minutes instead of days.
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Teascript empowers you to...
• Build a transcript quickly and efficiently
• Download a copy of your transcript as a PDF
• Print your transcript
"I was able to easily complete in less than two hours what I expected to take days and LOTS of frustration." — Kim
Categorize courses, anticipate graduation, and generate PDFs
Categorize Courses
List courses by subject or year, or mark them as being "Honors" or "AP"
Anticipate Graduation
Mark courses as being "in progress," perfect for dual enrollment students
Generate PDFs
View, download and archive your transcript in beautiful Adobe PDF format
View a Sample Transcript
Max transcripts / students 300 10 1
Courses per transcript 120 120 24
Exams per transcript 40 40 8
Activities per transcript 40 40 8
Use an anticipated graduation date Yes Yes Yes
List courses by year or subject Yes Yes Yes
Add custom notes Yes Yes Yes
Secure 128-bit SSL data encryption Yes Yes Yes
Generate Adobe PDFs Yes Yes Yes
No watermarking on PDFs Yes Yes -
No advertising banners Yes Yes -
Use non-standard year labels Yes Yes -
Auto weighted GPA Yes Yes -
Track AP/Honors courses Yes Yes -
Track CE/Dual Enrollment courses Yes Yes -
Track "In Progress" courses Yes Yes -
Track "Pending" courses Yes Yes -
Enter school information once Yes - -
Upload school logo Yes - -
Sortable student drop-down Yes - -